Sailing Information

  ADATís Sailing Calendar
  Before the sailing season starts and once YOSCís sailing schedule is published the Partners of Adat formulate our own (ADATís) sailing calendar.   It displays each week with his own colour for each Skipper and that weeks proposed (but not guaranteed) destination.   The weeks are split into 2 types, Exclusive and Shared.   The Shared weeks are predominantly for YOSC events whilst the Exclusive are for the Skipperís own private use for either weekend or a full weeks sailing possibly to pastures new or afar.  We also combine weeks allowing extended passages.  During the season these weeks may change due to unforeseen circumstances so the calendar should be used as a guide.

Should you wish to sail or just inquire on any event (Shared or Exclusive and with any Skipper) please make contact initially with myself via Email.

 To track a vessel using AIS Vessel Finder   Click Here
 To track a vessel using AIS Marine Traffic (as used by MAIB)  
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  Tide Tables For Cherbourg    Click here
  Tide Tables For Portsmouth   Click here (and many other ports around the UK)

  Local Weather forecasts
  Portsmouth                       Click here
  Cherbourg                        Click here
  St Malo                            Click here
  Roscoff                            Click here

  UK Met Office Weather forecast (Statistically the Best in the World)
  The Met Office                                                   Click here
  Met Office 4 Day Surface Pressure Charts (Colour)  Click Here

  Actual (Local) Weather
  Bramble Bank                     Click here
  Chichester Bar                   Click here
  Chichester Harbour Master  Click here
  Southampton Dockhead       Click here

  UK Actual Rainfall (updated)
  The Netweather Rainfall Radar        Click here
  The Met Office Rainfall Radar          Click here

  Webcams Galore of the World (Weather Cameras)
  Useful sites for real time weather for UK (South Coast) and France (North)
  All WebCams                   
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  Long Distance Passage Making Weather     Click here