Other Notable Vessels Sailed

Note: Some of the vessels below are private, others are YOSC members and many are On-Going

1990 'Tikka' (Moody 28)

1992 Prout 10M (Advert photo for ‘Fung Shui’)

1991 'Pristina' (Beneteau First 375)

1992 Rival 34 (Advert photo)

Tikka (Moody 28), 1990.  Southampton, Solent and Chichester waters

Fung Shui III (Prout 10M Catamaran), February 1992 to May 1994.  Shotley Point Marina area, Harwich (sailing in snow), Rivers Orwell & Stour, Burnham area, Ramsgate & Boulogne

Mygal (Jouet 940), September 1999 to July 2001.  Solent area (Keyhaven, Cowes, Wootton Creek, Yarmouth, Cherbourg, , St Vaast, Ouistreham, Trouville / Deauville

“Sea Essay” (Sigma 38), April 1992.  Solent area for Day Skipper Offshore

“Opalescence” (Bavaria 320), July 1992.  Solent area (Chichester, Cowes, Lymington, Beaulieu)

“Bluenose” (Rival 34), October 1992.  Solent area for Coastal Skipper Offshore

“Yours Sincerely” (Duetta 86AS), June 1994.  Solent area (Round The Island Race)

“Pristina” (Beneteau First 375), July 1994.   France (St Vaast) and Solent area

“Protocol” (Beneteau First Europe 375), April 1995.   Chichester, Channel Islands, Cherbourg (max speed 18.11 knots)

1992 'Sea Essay' (Sigma 38)

1992 'Two Winks' (Trapper 300)

1995 'Protocol' (Beneteau First Europe 375)

1996 'Henrietta' (Perriman Puck 24)

“Henrietta” (Perriman Puck 24), July 1996.   Portsmouth Harbour area

“Blue Scherzo” (Sadler 32), August 1997.  Solent area (Chichester)

“Two Winks” (Trapper 300), June 1998.  Solent area (Bembridge, Sea View)

“Lady Pickle” (Trapper 500), February 1998 to September 2001.  Solent area (Bembridge, Cowes, River Itchen, Hythe,    Wootton Creek, Osborne Bay, Folly Inn, Yarmouth, River Hamble, Ryde, Ashlett Creek, Island Harbour, Parkstone (Poole)

“Constance” (Barbican 33), April 2000.   Solent Area (Beaulieu River)

“Footprint” (Bavaria 42), April 2000.  Solent Area (Beaulieu River)

“Maridadi” (Gibsea 29), September 2000.   Yachtmaster Offshore (Fowey, Mevagissey, Falmouth areas)

“Pinarello” (Beneteau Oceanis 350), May 2001.  Solent area (Southsea, Bembridge)

1997 'Lady Pickle' (Trapper 500)

1998 'Evening Star' (Moody 346)

2000 'Footprint' (Bavaria 42)

2000 'Mari Dadi' (Gibsea 29)

“Clarus” (Moody 346), September, 2001.    Solent area (Beaulieu River, Haslar for YOSC 10th Anniversary Dinner in Portsmouth)

“Galatea” (Westerley Consort), June 2002 to August 2004.   Solent area (Cowes, Cherbourg, Poole, Keyhaven, Newport, Osbourne Bay, River Hamble, Marchwood)

“First Knight” (Beneteau First 305, September 2002.     Solent area (Folly Inn, Cowes)

“Tikitoo” (MacGregor 26c), 2003.     Portsmouth Harbour.   Managed initial installation of all running and standing rigging including the mast and mooring setup for Swinging mooring in the harbour.  Also some initial training in mooring.

2001 'At Last' (Moody Eclipse 43)

2001 'Galatea' (Westerley Consort)

2002 'Blue Scherzo' (Sadler 32)

2003 'Clarus' (Moody 346)

“Barti Ddu” (Moody 31), May 2003 to May 2004.    Solent area (Cowes)

“Kristina” (Elvstrom Coronet 38), December 2003 to January 2004.  Cherbourg

“Evening Star” (Moody 346), July 2004.   Solent area (Bembridge)

“Louisa Mary” (Trapper 501), October 2004 onwards.     Solent & Southampton areas (Marchwood, River Hamble, Calshot, Ashlett Creek, Eling Sailing Club)

2003 'Ticker' (Hunter Horizon 23)

2004 'Harley Movin' (Moody Excel 34)

2004 'Louisa Mary' (Trapper 501)

2005 'Constance of Chichester' (Barbican 33)

“Harley Movin” (Moody Excel 34), May 2005 onwards.    Solent area (Chichester, Marchwood, Wootton Creek)

“Ticker” (Hunter Horizon 23), September 2005 onwards.     Solent area (Cowes).    October 2015 - Remove Sails, Boom & Mast for Lift-out at POG then Pressure wash.

“At Last” (Moody Eclispe 43), June 2006 Solent area

2006 'First Knight' (Beneteau 305)

2006 'Mygal' (Jouet 940)

2006 'Pinarrelo' (Beneteau Oceanis 350)

2009 'Elizabeth A' (Moody 346)

“Celerity” (Westerley Fulmar), October 2008 Solent area (Marchwood, River Hamble)

“Talulah” (Najad 390), November 2008 onwards.    Solent area

“Aurora-2” (Hurley 20), September 2011.   I was asked if I would advise and assist in the purchase of the Yacht, Outboard and Trailer with delivery from Torquay to Berkshire (arriving at night).  Also in modifications, improvements and general maintenance.   Eventually sailing her in the Chichester area (Emsworth, Mill Rythe)

“China Girl” (Jeaneau 39 DS), March 2014 onwards.     Solent area (Sea Trial, Commisioning and General sailing)

“Charisma” (Moody 38 CC), March 2014 Portland (Sea Trial and Commisioning)

2010 'Talulah' (Najad 39)

2011 'Aurora 2' (Hurley 20)

2014 'China Girl' (Jeaneau 39 DS)

2014 'Charisma' (Moody 38 CC)

“Intermezzo” (Dufour 36 Classic), April 2015 Solent area (Fitting out, Sea Trial and Delivery)

“Nefertari” (Westerly Renown, Ketch), April 2017 Solent area (Island Harbour)

“Serene” (Bavaria 34), May 2018 Littlehampton (YOSC event).   August 2020 Chichester (YOSC event)


2015 'Intermezzo' (Dufour 36 Classic)

2017 'Nefertari' (Westerly Renown Ketch)

2018 'Serene' (Bavaria 34)