Up the Creek - South Coast

Hill Head Harbour Bay, Solent

  Hill Head Sailing Club was founded in 1930 by Colonel J. S. Alston.   The club is based at Titchfield Haven which was originally the mouth of the Meon river but was blocked off to form the present tidal harbour at the Western end of Hill Head.  The Clubhouse, built by members, was completed and opened in 1975 and their excellent facilities include changing rooms with showers and toilets, facilities for people with disabilities and an attractive lounge with commanding views of the Solent.  A bar I can well recommend is operated by members seven days a week whilst volunteers produce light lunches in the “galley” each weekend.  There are two dinghy parks with slipways running into the harbour where mud berths are available for larger craft.   Car parking arrangements adjacent to each compound make easy access to the club and the shingle beach running along the foreshore.   Hill Head Sailing Club is essentially a self-help and family oriented organisation with about 900 members who all take an active role in either maintaining the harbour & sailing facilities, organising both the sailing and social programmes or running the bar and galley.

  Although Hill Head Sailing Club welcome visitors as you can see they have little room in the haven for vessels other than their own members and even they are restricted to a maximum LOA of 25 feet however an anchor placed just outside the clubhouse will give good holding.  After a short dinghy ashore one can view not only your own vessel but the splendid views of the Solent and not forgetting the sunsets.  Should you have one too many or you have a legitimate reason to stay longer than expected and the tide runs out then the ground is hard enough to walk on.   Hill Head’s lounge is well worth a visit and cant help but impress.   Whilst anchored one can also observe any dinghy racing first hand from your own cockpit and if your anchor is placed out of the way, without interruption.   A telephone call to Hill Head Sailing Club would be an advantage.   You never know you may bump into Carole Willis (YOSC Retired) who is a long standing member of Hill Head Sailing Club.

Hill Head (Extract from Chart GB50242P)

Hill Head Sailing Club Aerial view

Hill Head Entrance to the Haven

Hill Head Moorings

Hill Head Sailing Club

Hill Head Sunset from the Club house

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