Rebellion III
Colvic Watson “Atlanta”
32 ft Ketch

(Years 2002 - 2004)

2004 Rebellion in Holland (Moored in Middleburg)

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Years 2002 to 2004 (UK & Dutch Waters)

Moored on Piles at Gillingham Pier, River Medway (off the River Thames) with Malcolm working

Below showing the main Instrument Panel and Dog House Steering.  The steering mechanism in the Aft Deck was disconnected

Below showing the GPS and engine instrument panel

St. Katharine Yacht Haven with Chris Freeman

  Rebellion III or “Reb” as she was called was moored at Gillingham Pier near Chatham Marina on the River Medway.   She was owned by a retired QC who looked upon her as a Gentleman’s Yacht and wanted her to be well maintained.   Being a member of the Cruising Association he placed an advertisement in their house magazine where a YOSC member (also member of the CA) read it and passed the details on to Malcolm Cross.   He arranged all the details and included myself for the experience.  We were to maintain her as best we could with any expenses for additional work, tools, etc., paid for.   In return we had the use of Reb almost whenever we wanted.  This gave us ‘new ground’ to sail which we firmly took advantage of taking her to Rochester, Gillingham, Chatham, Queenborough, Ramsgate, Dover, Limehouse Basin & St Katherine Yacht Haven (River Thames) and a circumnavigation of the Isle of Sheppy.

  She had a 65 Hp Mercedes 4 cylinder engine with a hydraulic gearbox giving “instant” forward/reverse.   Such a pleasure.  Slept 4 in comfort with a berth in the Doghouse (Malcolm’s berth). She also had GPS, Radar, Vessels speed and Water Depth and a small chart table in the Doghouse.   On one occasion we were boarded by the Police but it was just a familiarity visit checking our Ships and personal papers although there were some 7 assorted officers (and a dog) on their vessel.   Once in Limehouse Basin (HQ of the Cruising Association, and do a very nice breakfast) a very large Barge moored and the crew started to raise the main mast.  This being some 18 inches in diameter they wanted as many volunteers as possible so Malcolm and I gave our assistance only to be shown up within minutes when exhausted by a 12 year old.  We needed a drink!

  Apart from the Owner David Fletcher-Rogers, Malcolm Cross and myself there were John Weale, Alex Phipps, Pauline Hooker, Chris Freeman, Gary Plume, Terry Hurrel, Steve Vincent, Roger Winn and other members of YOSC who also had the chance of a sail in those waters.

Limehouse Basin with John and Gary

Limehouse Basin is a favourite for Barges both large and small.   This large Barge was erecting their Mast (with Malcolm looking on).   In the background is the Cruising Association

Meeting the locals in a Pub just outside Limehouse Basin overlooking the Thames

Passing the Millennium Dome and through the Greenwich Meridian (000 Lat & 000 Long) with Gary and myself

Thames Police slipping after we cleared their checks. This is a regular check although their Officers were well armed

Passing close through the Thames Barrier

Passing the Cutty-Sark

So close to Tower Bridge entering St Katharines Yacht Haven

September 2003 and June 2004 (Holland waters)

  Rebellion was also sailed from her home port at Gillingham Pier to Holland on two occasions where other members of YOSC were also invited.  Those places visited were:- Vlissingham; Bruinisse; Rotterdam; Gouda; Alphen; Boskoop; Ijsselmonde; Dordrecht; Gorninchem; Stellendam; Middleburg; Oranjeplaat; Wemeldinge and Breskens.  The photographs selected are reminders of both visits and are in no particular order.  Unfortunately many photographs and their descriptive titles were lost due to a PC ‘Crash’ therefore some detail is missing.

  On our way to Amsterdam on one occasion we came across a bridge that failed to open. Reports varied from 3 to 7 days. Even the local Police were not aware of the problem until we informed them. After discussing the problem with others we turned back. We moored for one night close to a well lit Restaurant and we were hungary but it was closing. The owner very kindly took us to an Airfield near Orangeplaat about 3 miles away. Malcolm, Steve & myself dined right next to the run-way. I could go and on. There are so many stories to tell and not enough room for the very many photographs taken as reminders of the wonderfull times we all had.

Not all meals were taken on board.   In fact very few were as we wanted to experience what Holland had to offer.  This is David Fletcher-Rogers (Rebellion's Owner) with Malcolm

Another typical very quiet mooring full of piece and tranquillity

The stern of a typical Barge showing how the families take their own car on board and even decorate their Bridge with Flowers (and trees)

On our way to Amsterdam we came across a bridge that failed to open

Here Malcolm & myself were invited on board a locals yacht for a drink.   He took advantage of our English.  He was an English teacher in a local school

Venice?  No Holland. The canals are so close to buildings (pic taken from the very top of a church)

A street artist and his painting which was so very real. Of note some of the buildings were actually leaning over

A house being towed.   Note the dinghy just in case.   We saw Tows (or Tugs) pushing up to 9 very large Barges

This is Rotterdam's Harbour & Control tower where visitors can ride to the top and view the area. Malcolm doing just that

Rebellion in one of the smaller locks. In the larger locks one shares with ships larger than Cross Channel Ferries

Orangeplaat. Malcolm, Steve & myself dining in the evening setting sun right next to the run-way. Boy! Those steaks were good

We meet yet another very low and long barge (sometime inside a lock) and they do NOT stop

Malcolm & myself find a quiet bar for a beer and just soak up the ambience

We head for Flushing, about 80 Nmiles to cover in 2 days.  Our problem was the very high seas and strong winds. Alex here at the helm

We took the HSS from Hoek van Holland to Harwich, UK.  With a little persuasion I obtained permission for us all to visit the Bridge

Slices of the Tricolour wreck loaded onto a barge for transportation (Web Photo)