(Carter Concubine 33)

June 2009

2009 June (Alia on route to Ouistreham)

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  I was invited by Lynn Davis & Richard Herbert with their friend Daniel Firth to assist crewing for them on their yacht Alia for a week cruising Normandy.  My first question was where was the Autohelm.  I was informed that there was no need as Lynn just loved helming and indeed WAS the Autohelm.  With 4 on board, Alia performed superbly overcoming any sea & wind.

  First stop Cherbourg blasting out their favourite tune (whenever they could) “I hate you then I love you” by Pavarotti & Celine Dion, then on to St Vaast, Ouistreham, Honfleur returning to her (then) home mooring at Wicormarine.  Now, there was a smell on board that nobody owned up to but with a guilty conscience, Richard dunked them overboard in the hope of, well, freshening them (with little success).   This seems a persistent problem with “Deckies”.  Lastly in Honfleur at midnight after a rather splendid meal I returned to Alia’s cockpit and stripped as the temperature was still over 30 deg C.

  We covered around 280 Nmiles and 10 night hours over 7 days and our weather could hardly have been better with fair winds and fine sun.    Fog coming out of Honfleur didn’t stop us although with a possible fuel problem our emphasis was to sail.  The venture gave both Richard & Lynn a boost to “Do it again”, and soon.

Richard & Lynn relaxing in Cherbourg. On many occasions they played their favourite CD Pavarotti - The Duets (I Hate you then I love you) VERY LOUD

Moored and relaxing in St Vaast Marina

There was this ‘smell’ and Richard’s shoes went overboard

We visited a local bar just crammed with items of interest

Aluminium 'Duck' Ferry from the Marina to Isle de Tatihou

On route to Ouistreham with a fair wind.   One of the most beautiful Sunrises I have taken (departing St Vaast with Ile de Tatihou in the background)

On route to Ouistreham with a fair wind.   We took on “Miss Reality” (Sun Odyssey 42) and amazingly, had the edge

Another taken from “Miss Reality” of us all in the cockpit on route to Ouistreham

Entering the lock in Ouistreham.  First photo of Richard without a smile

In Ouistreham lock awaiting opening of the lock gates

The still waters of the Inner Basin in Honfleur where we tucked ourselves alongside the pontoon

Not forgetting the delights of Honfleur at night. At midnight it was still over 30 deg

  August 2015 this time and a weekend trip to Yarmouth for the night with Lynne & Rich and another YOSC crew member and very good friend Sara Smith.   This was just an adhoc weekend fun trip and I’m sure there will be many others.

All four of us on the Royal Solent Yacht Clubs veranda

Sara took one of me

Lynn and Richard

Richard and myself