(11.6M Kelt 39)

2002 YOSC Summer Cruise
to Brittany (On route to Paimpol)

ADAT Sailing (Years 1998 - date)

  The following sub sections show some of the highlights and memories of my passages. All photographs (drastically reduced in size and quality for this site) are taken from my extensive portfolio covering my own Sailing adventures and Passages with Yateley Offshore Sailing Club (YOSC), other clubs and privately.

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Also, there are many other photographs on this subject held on file

“ADAT” Sailing Year sections

”ADAT” Year 1998                 ”ADAT” Year 1999                 ”ADAT” Year 2000

”ADAT” Year 2001                 ”ADAT” Year 2002                 ”ADAT” Year 2003

”ADAT” Year 2004                 ”ADAT” Year 2005                 ”ADAT” Year 2006

”ADAT” Year 2007                 ”ADAT” Year 2008                 ”ADAT” Year 2009

”ADAT” Year 2010                 ”ADAT” Year 2011                 ”ADAT” Year 2012

”ADAT” Year 2013                 ”ADAT” Year 2014                 ”ADAT” Year 2015

”ADAT” Year 2016                 ”ADAT” Year 2017                 ”ADAT” Year 2018

”ADAT” Year 2019                 ”ADAT” Year 2020                 ”ADAT” Year 2021